Bihar had already rejected these GM seeds trail by Monsanto

Patna, August 9, 2011: Farmers, freedom fighters and activists of the GM Free Bihar Movement today launched a campaign from the capital city calling for ‘Monsanto, Quit India’, accusing the multinational seed company of playing with the lives of Indian people.

Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh and Food Security Minister Shayam Razak offered juice to the fasting protesters who had organised a sit-in at the Kargil Chowk to observe the Quit India Movement day as an occasion to highlight the havoc being played with consumers.

Addressing the activists Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh said and we are seriously looking after Monsanto seeds. Anyhow no any trail by any company will be allowed in this state.

Minister Shyam rajak added that this has become a national problem now and we are with this movement, he appreciated.

Further, memorandum to Agri Minister has been handed over there to cancel all agreements of Monsanto like companies.

Thereafter, the protesters marched through the major city cross-sections to hand over a memorandum to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar that demanded cancelling all agreements that the Bihar government has with various corporations like Monsanto, Mahyco, Bayer etc., and disallow any genetically modified (GM) crop research or trials inBihar.

The Alliancefor Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture (ASHA) – an informal network of more than 400 organisations around the country — and GM Free Bihar Movement organised the programme to ‘Save Our Food, Farmers and Freedom’.

Most attending the day-long events appeared agitated against what they called corporate aggressions on the Indian food and farming.

GM Free Bihar Movement Secretary Pankaj Bhushan accused Monsanto of adopting notorious means in India for a variety of misdeeds and crimes which he listed as under – polluting natural resources, killing and maiming humans with its products, bribing officials for approvals, falsifying safety reports to show the most dangerous chemicals like dioxin as safe, colluding with regulators through revolving doors between the company and government as also false advertising.

Freedom fighters, social activists and farmers were present in large numbers to take up the symbolic fast against the government’s partnerships with Monsanto and research on GM crops like Golden Rice.

“We are forced to remind everyone on Quit India Day that we are living in times when our freedom is being jeopardized yet again in insidious ways – if we as a nation want to protect our food sovereignty and if we want to retain control on what we grow and what we eat, we need to resist this corporate takeover,” Bhushan said.

“We need to put into place lasting and affordable solutions that are farmer-controlled in our agriculture. Urban consumers should realize that it is not just our farmers who are getting trapped and exploited; consumers should understand that access to safe, diverse and nutritious food for all is also at risk,” he added.

Vidya bhushan Singh, Farmer leader Harit Swaraj, Girinder Nr. Sharma, Prakash bablu and other activists along Bhola and Radha, farmer leaders from Rewa Madhya Prades were also on fast.


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